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Wellness World Diet Planner

The most professional and scientific dietary plan available in the diet industry.

Why is it right for you?

  • Individualised: Your specific needs are calculated according to your personal profile
  • Balanced: Your eating plan will include all food groups
  • Practical: Portions and food items are easily obtainable and quantifiable
  • Scientific: Based on empirical scientific evidence
  • Successful: Dietary objectives are achievable and realistic
  • Lasting: You will be healthy and able to maintain your target weight for the rest of your life

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Whether you are wanting to gain, lose or maintain weight, you are probably confronted by lots of well meant advice, a variety of the diet plans, supplements, magic recipes and hype and you have no idea which one will work for you. The simple fact is that the science of nutrition is not a mystical secretive and patented one. It is a well established area of research and what you need to do is apply the basic rules of the science. You can either study the subject yourself or you can use the Wellness World Diet Planner right now for an easy to use, flexible, scientifically based and customised diet plan designed by qualified dieticians and medical doctors and based on undisputed scientific and medical principles.

How it works

Unless you have some medical condition that precludes you from basic norms, (in which case we highly recommend that you consult a qualified dietician and/or medical practitioner) the human body requires a certain number of energy units to maintain its condition, depending on gender and height. Variations in body type are generally insignificant for the purpose of energy requirement calculations. Based on your size and gender, as well as good practices regarding a balanced diet, the system will assist you to choose from a variety of foods within 6 basic food categories (Dairy, vegetables, fruit, starches, meat and proteins and oils/fats). You will be able to make up your own eating plan for up to 7 days, each of which can contain any of the food items in each of the categories, provided you stick to your energy requirements in each category. You should not eat less or more than the recommendations as this will result in either over or under performing on your diet objective (of which you can choose maintenance, weight gain or weight loss)

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